Brand Awareness:
Your organization will get a branded education and outreach community, accessible through your current website.

Forums, eNewsleters, video archives, latest research findings, and information on new courses offered by your organization results in increased interaction with your communtiy, encouraging members to be actively engaged with your site.

Customer Retention:
Stickiness leads to greater customer retention. Build a long-term relationship with your customers.

Expand course offerings:
Our video broadcast service enables you to expand your course offerings to include live video webinars for members who would rather attend a course or seminar online. All you need to broadcast a seminar is a webcam. Attendees need only an Internet connection to view it. Interaction is two-way.

Anytime/Anywhere Learning:
Members have the flexibility of educating themselves anytime, from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Increases Patients' Confidence:
Increases confidence in patients because it is they who take the initiative to educate themselves. An educated customer is a healthy customer.

Promotions and Member Discounts:
Offer members of your online community, exclusive promotions (e.g., free passes to gyms and spas) and discounts from participating vendors.

Accurate Customer Feedback:
Research indicates that you are more likely to get accurate and timley feedback from customers who have voluntarily opted to participate in a community program, than from randomly selected individuals.

User Satisfaction:
Educational content, a support mechanism provided by the community, and direct interaction with your hospital, together offer a unique experience. This community-centric environment results in greater user satisfaction.

Troublefree Portal Management:
Channel Alpha manages the web portal for the hospital.