videoconferencing Videoconference
Conduct a videoconference session, use the whiteboard to share and collaborate on a presentation, and conduct a text chat with attendees.
admin Manage users and courses
Register users into courses individually or in groups, via the administration panel.
Espace de cours Create a course
Create a course and organize its content.
sessions Assign users to a session
Manage groups of users and assign them to courses and sessions.
My documents

Import documents
Import documents into a course and organize them within folders and sub-folders.

oogie conversion Convert a presentation into an online course
Convert a PowerPoint or Openoffice slideshow into an online SCORM course. Add audio, and tests, to the presentation.
Forum Organize forums
Create a forum or blog within a course.

package.png Import a SCORM compliant course
SCORM is the norm for e-learning content import/export. Most professional courses today are delivered as SCORM packages.
templates Author multimedia content using templates
Build web pages with diagrams, animations, video, audio etc. in an online editor relying on templates and media galleries.
tests Create a Test
Create a test using either the multiple choice or descriptive question option.
scorm Create a SCORM course
Assemble multimedia content, tests and interaction activities into a SCORM learning path. Get accurate reporting on completion time, and score.
 Editeur WYSIWYG Build a page using the online multimedia editor
Create online pages of a course using the sophisticated multimedia editor.  
 Travaux Upload and organize assignments
Allow students to hand in assignments and homework.